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Twitter Looks To Personalization for 2022 And Beyond

Twitter recently released its Q3 figures, with data showing a revenue jump of 37% to $1.28 billion. While eye-catching, it was CEO Jack Dorsey’s comments on future investment that caught the eye of many participants in the 2021 Q3 Earnings Conference Call

When giving his initial comments on the report, Dorsey said: “We continue to upgrade our machine learning systems as well, which are improving personalization throughout the product. We’re just getting started, but already Twitter feels more responsive and intuitive, lot’s more to come here.”

Dorsey emphasised his view that Twitter needs to engage more in personalization strategies and technologies.

Further commenting on the specifics later in the call when questioned on growth strategies for 2022 and ‘23, Dorsey replied: “Our greatest opportunity and potential for growth is around personalization and relevance. That is where we’ve consistently gotten the greatest games, and everything that we do, and we intend to put a lot more emphasis here. This mainly speaks to our application of machine learning in general, AI, across every product surface that we have. But it also lends itself into some of the newer products’ surfaces and capabilities that we’ve been talking about. Some far longer, some more recently.”

During the conference other issues discussed included monetization, with discussion of the recently launched Shop Module and models whereby Twitter can enable e-commerce on its platform without deteriorating usability.

Dorsey’s comments came at a time when one of Twitter’s competitors, Facebook, rebranded as Meta and announced its “metaverse”. However with Facebook in hot water over recent scandals, it seems that Twitter is priming for aggressive market action.

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