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CXBuzz’s Latest Guest Columns: July 2021

As the CX field continues to grow and flourish, its conventions and tactics are always evolving. This constant growth comes with a level of unpredictability as consumer trends quickly come into, and out of, relevance. Professionals in the customer experience sphere have provided their insight, and weighed in on the CX components they deem most crucial. From customer loyalty to strategy, here are some indispensable CX elements that should not be overlooked.

Shrijay Sheth’s POV on The Common Misunderstanding of What CX is All About

Many companies have seemingly lost touch with their customers and their priorities, putting the production of flashy, novel product experiences before their customers’ own experiences. Shrijay Sheth, CEO of and digital commerce veteran, delves into common misconceptions in the CX field, and suggests how brands might avoid them in his article: Shrijay Sheth’s POV on The Common Misunderstanding of What CX is All About.

Your Brand’s Customer Experience Strategy by Nicholas Zeisler

There are not many situations in which it is inadvisable to have a plan. This holds especially true for companies, as an unclear plan, or lack of one, can create confusion and result in a costly waste of resources. CX Strategist and Principal of Zeisler Consulting, Nicholas Zeisler, explains what an effective CX strategy entails, and how it can boost a company to new heights in his article: Your Brand’s Customer Experience Strategy.

5 Keys To Customer Loyalty by Erica Solomon

Returning customers are an important audience for businesses to keep engaged, as they are a source of recurring revenue and can uplift the brand’s reputation with their advocacy. Erica Solomon, Beauty Director of Customer Experience Partnerships at Brandshare US, shares five tips on how to establish a strong customer lifetime value, and maximize customer retention in her article: 5 Keys To Customer Loyalty.

In the Post-Pandemic World, Good CX Is Your Business’ Survival Skill by Manish Nepal

An esoteric concept only a decade ago, CX has inarguably become an essential aspect of company growth as we enter an increasingly digital age, heavily reliant on online commerce. Founder of Marketing Impact, Manish Nepal, tells businesses how good CX can set themselves above the competition in his article: In the Post-Pandemic World, Good CX Is Your Business’ Survival Skill.

Customer Loyalty – How Do You Build Your Tribe? by Paul Weald

Through his observation of sports, Paul Weald discovered that to produce effective customer loyalty, one must examine it through both a behavioral and economic lens. As the Director of Multichannel Customer Experience Ltd., and a seasoned CX veteran with over 25 years of contact center experience, Weald shares his professional insight into the need to not only have these two aspects but balance them as well to produce a devoted customer following in his article: Customer Loyalty – How Do You Build Your Tribe?

AI, ML and Analytics Improve Customer Experience by Seth Earley

Research has found that employee experience has a tremendous impact on customer experience. Unsurprisingly, when employees are placed in a good working environment they are more productive, which corresponds directly with their performance. Seth Earley, CEO, and Founder of Earley Information Science, advises businesses on which metrics they should use to gauge their employee experience in his article: AI, ML and Analytics Improve Customer Experience 

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