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These Are Some of the Customer Experience Solutions Trending in the CX Industry Right Now (August 2021)

In the CXBuzz interview series with customer experience (CX) experts, we’ve been asking our guests to tell us which CX companies and solutions they’re keeping their eyes on at the moment. Most of them expressed interest in CX companies and solutions that rely on AI to offer personalized experiences and that focus on customer-centricity.

During the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the way consumers interact with businesses. Because of health concerns, consumers are migrating online to shop and buy their daily necessities. The wide range of commodities available online makes them ask for a more customized experience from businesses. These have propelled CX specialists to invest in customer-centric solutions and models.

“We see a sincere effort to reinvent business models that haven’t always worked in the customer’s favor,” said Eric L Hu, Principal of Product Strategy & Innovation at Walmart, in his recent interview with CXBuzz.

Companies such as Open AI and are experimenting with AI to expand on customer experience. According to Hu, Open AI is developing better foundations for chatbots. Once they succeed, these chatbots will be used for customer service on a larger scale and will increase brand experience success rates.

Imre Guaglianon, Director at Kiquix Innovation Studio, also believes the focus of the CX companies should be using AI to analyze customer preferences to augment the user interface. “Customization is one of the most powerful tools we have in our hands. It can literally be a game-changer for customer experience and more,” he said in his CXBuzz interview.

In the old days, CX solutions focused more on improving communication within businesses but ignored customers’ encounters with businesses. Howard Schulman, Director of Marketing at Lightico, said that his company has built a solution about the customers’ experience, not just about internal efficiencies and regulatory compliances.

“Another cool tech I saw was Snap’s acquisition of, which enables consumers to use voice commands with Snapchat like a changing room mirror to virtually try on clothing,” Schulman added.

According to Roberta Silva, Founder of Consultoria de Sucesso, said she is keeping her eyes on companies such as Netflix, Spotify, Magazine Luiza, and Nubank, which are doing CX in a B2C (Business-to-Customer) capacity.

It’s clear that, given the ongoing boom that the CX industry is experiencing, we’ll be seeing more and more CX solutions emerge in the market in the coming years.

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