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CX Supplier Genesys Launches New Customer Engagement Platform

Genesys, a cloud-based CX technology supplier, has launched its new customer engagement platform, Genesys DX, its latest endeavor into improving customer engagement and experiences.

The company claims that this launch could mark the beginning of a new chapter for the way companies handle customer engagement. Traditionally, companies have approached engagement through singular interactions on electronic sale channels or conversational platforms geared toward conducting transactions. However, in recent years, businesses have forgone these methods and shifted their attention to digital interactions due to changes in consumer expectations and preferences, as well as their own search for new potential customer touchpoints.

“The world of customer engagement has changed fundamentally with the majority of consumers preferring digital experiences,” said Barry O’Sullivan, Executive Vice President and General manager of Genesys Digital and AI, in a press release. Today it is not enough to provide swift customer service; companies must produce empathetic experiences. “Businesses must adapt to meet new customer expectations for rapid, reciprocal engagement,” O’Sullivan continued.

Genesys DX aims to address these needs through web chat, messaging, and chatbots designed to increase customer loyalty and establish trust. The platform is expected to evolve based on the information shared during these exchanges, allowing businesses to transcend transactional chat interactions and have “intuitive conversations” with its customers.

In an interview with CXBuzz, Brett Weigl, Senior Vice President Product Management at Genesys, said that these so-called intuitive conversations will “take into account everything we know about the customer: data, preferences, journey, behavior, and as far as we can tell, intent in interacting. The better we can listen to each aspect, the better we can help companies meet their customers where they are, and more importantly, with useful actions that help to create a seamless and delightful experience. To achieve this in the context of conversations, we employ AI, both in terms of natural language as well as machine learning, and we integrate data and views into that data seamlessly into both self-service and agent assisted environments.”

Weigl continued, “You can imagine in a shopping experience, that a pre-sale bot could assist a customer to select the best product for their needs through a conversational process, where the exact click and search history is used to tune the questions and present options specifically to that customer, not generically. Post-sale, imagine an agent able to help the customer holistically, based on the customer’s current order status and the product selection process that had previously occurred.”

Genesys DX could indeed be a catalyst in the process of initiating meaningful relationships between businesses and their customers. The new tool possesses several different features and capabilities to help businesses become better in tune with their customer’s needs.

Cognizant of customer impatience when contacting companies, Genesys DX attempts to achieve swift response times with “always-on engagement.” Its centralized knowledge platforms let businesses provide fast access to information, while simultaneously iterating on the knowledge gained by past interactions to refine its experience. The accumulation of this knowledge helps companies tailor products to better suit their customer’s needs, and connect with new ones.

“Our predictive engagement capabilities help to discover customer intent, map to outcomes, and direct customers to the optimal engagement to close business,” Weigl said. “Through that process, we aim to match previously unknown customers to known data.”

Another feature of Genesys DX is its human intuition during digital interactions. Digital channels are favored for the flexibility and convenience they provide; however, there are many useful aspects of human agent interaction that should be carried over. Genesys DX applies human-like intuition by merging a real-time, 360-degree customer view with contextual data. It surpasses the practice of sentiment analysis, or opinion mining (the determination of textual data as either positive, negative or neutral based on keywords), to deliver a more detailed insight into a customer’s mindset.

Genesys DX also recognizes that while resources may be fixed, business is dynamic. It is highly scalable to accommodate for growth, allowing companies to design and launch conversational AI without much strenuous effort.


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