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New e-Commerce Analytics App Offers Comprehensive Insights for Brands and Retailers

Webgility, an e-commerce automation platform provider, announced Tuesday the launch of Webgility Intelligence, an analytics app that provides retailers with insight into the orders, products, and channels producing the most revenue. The app is aimed at helping brands and retailers streamline workflows to save time and generate more profits.

“The number one challenge (omnichannel business owners) face in growing their business is being able to see where they’re making money, and where there is opportunity to improve.” said Founder of Webgility Parag Mamnani in the app’s launch announcement on YouTube. “As CEO, every morning the first thing I want to see is how my business is doing right now. And if you’re a business leader, now you don’t have to look too far.”

Webgility Intelligence automatically captures data across all e-commerce systems to deliver a comprehensive, company-wide view of a brand’s e-commerce performance. The app connects a retailer’s sales and operations channels, to their accounting platforms to give an overview of figures such as daily sale statistics, revenue trends, and product profitability from a single integrated dashboard.

“To gain this level of insight into profitability is a game-changer for us,” said Mark Millage, a beta user of the app. “I will be sharing this with my manager on a weekly basis moving forward.”

Webgility has also updated its software with several new features in their pursuit to scale their users’ businesses even further. Sales integration for online transactions conducted through Wix, and in-store sales done with Clover is now supported; and a new Help Center aims to supply swift and suitable support at any time. 

“We talked to thousands of omnichannel business owners and Webgility Intelligence is built to help them win,” said Jeff Hanrahan, Webgility’s Head of Product in a press release. “It’s built on cutting-edge technology that can process millions of data points in an instance and deliver amazing visualizations on any device. We’re also excited to bring our powerful accounting automation and e-commerce tools to businesses using Wix platform or Clover POS.”

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