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With Wix’s New Platform, Businesses Can Build Their Own Mobile App

The Israeli website development platform Wix announced earlier this month the launch of its new mobile app builder. The application, called “Branded App by Wix,” will allow businesses to easily build a native mobile app to provide their customers with a comprehensive digital experience.

“Wix Branded App lowers the technical and financial barriers that come with building a native mobile app. This enables business owners to deliver a high-quality mobile experience to their customers which is a critical tool,” Shay Cohen, Head of Branded App at Wix, told CXBuzz in an interview. “Our data indicates that approximately 70% of business owners’ customers interact through mobile. Once a business has their mobile presence established — brand awareness, repeated sales, loyalty, and customer engagement are much higher.”

With more and more people shopping online, native mobile apps are growing in importance in driving traffic and building loyalty. Business owners who use native mobile apps got an average jump of 162% in transactions per site, according to Wix data. In the fitness sector, the number is 510%.

The platform has the potential of making digital transformation more accessible and easier to attain for smaller businesses. Pricing starts at $200 a month.

By using Wix Branded App, business owners can create an app aligning with their business goals. Whether it’s for fitness, restaurants or any other stores, users can create their own mobile app from scratch — customizing the app icon and arranging the layout.

Additionally, all activities from both the app and the existing Wix site are automatically synced to the Wix dashboard. Cohen told CXBuzz that the new platform “leverages the full potential of device capabilities and the experience of our internal UX and design professionals.”

“Building my own app with Branded App by Wix has been a total game-changer for my business,” said Benji Beasts, founder of a UK-based fitness center, in a press release published by Wix. “The most amazing thing about this app, especially for the time we are living in, is the place it provides for customers to connect with me and other members, creating a community experience that keeps them motivated and coming back for more. No need for a background in coding, just my passion and my brand.”

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