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Robinhood Ups Its Customer Support with 24/7 Phone Service

Robinhood, the booming stock trading app, has announced it will boost its customer service with a dedicated 24/7 phone service. Robinhood’s intention behind this is to enhance the overall accessibility of their platform, as well as helping consumers better understand how to navigate the markets.

The 24/7 help feature enables consumers to request a call with a representative from Robinhood directly from the app. The application then puts customers on a waitlist; customers receive a notification when they’re next in line with the specific phone number they’ll receive the call from.

Customers may ask the agents a wide array of questions, including how to request shares for an upcoming IPO or about crypto purchases. CXBuzz is yet to test whether Robinhood’s agents have been appropriately trained.

Robinhood has become one of the most notable do-it-yourself investing platforms in the United States. The company closed a $200M Series G investment round in mid-2020, and promised to boost its customer experience. Back then, they said they had doubled their customer support team.

The company, however, is no stranger to controversies. Earlier this year, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ordered Robinhood to pay $57M in fines, as well as $12.6M in restitution to customers.

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