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Cost Efficiency and Data Usage New Priorities in eCommerce: Namogoo/Microsoft Survey

e-Commerce leaders are switching focus in the run up to 2022, with many executives looking towards cost-efficiency and data usage. The ecommerce-based SaaS platform Namogoo recently released its Annual Global eCommerce Leaders report, based on a survey of “200 senior eCommerce managers conducted during November 2021, conducted with executives from companies of different sizes”.

The report, released with assistance from Microsoft, aimed to “better understand where eCommerce companies should focus their attention for 2022”.

In contrast to last year’s report which aimed to “shine a light on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic”, priorities seem to have shifted away from mitigating damage caused by the massive global disruptions and more towards cost optimization.

Those surveyed were a 50:50 split between the UK and the USA, so while the report definitely focuses more on the Western world and its markets, there is a reach into the global outlook thanks to the UK’s ties to Europe and beyond.

Overall the standout facts from the report are quite a mixed bag. Cost optimization took the number one spot on priorities, a huge shift from the report of 2021 in which it didn’t even make it into the top three concerns. In addition, average order value (AOV) and data leverage took the silver and bronze places respectively. Executives added that personalized experiences are important in both cases, taking the number four spot in the list of key findings.

Further on, the report explored the impact of data collection restrictions on marketing and digital transformation efforts, emphasizing the need to provide a personalized experience without using personally identifiable information (PII) data, which would severely break data collection regulations. The report concluded with the notion that “the top barrier for providing the ultimate personalized customer experience is the ability to leverage current tools and data”. 

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