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Servco Increases Customer-Centricity with Ameprity’s CDP

Integrates Data To Boost Marketing Solutions and Gain Customer-Insights

 Servco Pacific Inc. has selected Amperity, the leading enterprise customer data platform for consumer brands to connect data across enterprise’s channels and build a complete view of their customers. This will enable the leading automotive service and products provider to build trust among its customers through actionable insights. 

The company is planning to bring teams together across the global network to create coordinated marketing campaigns using more personalized analytics.


Keeping Customers In The Focus

 The Amperity’s platform will allow Servco to keep the customer as the main center point for all its decisions and actions, thereby enhancing customer experience and increasing revenue. Empowering business intelligence teams at Servco, Ameprity will assist the enterprise to accelerate its speed of delivering new market segments by getting deeper into the data. The collaboration has allowed Servco to monitor the purchase path and keep a tab on the metrics that matter the most post-pandemic.


The Challenge and The Solution

The fragmentary data landscape of the automotive industry has been a challenge for organizations in the sector to offer a smooth customer experience. The concern is expected to grow in the coming time with the digitalization of car sales and service. By building a strong base for customer data, Servco is leaping ahead and creating more touchpoints across its network, ensuring excellent quality service to customers and more efficient marketing programs. 

With a 360-degree view of the customers, the marketing teams at Servco can now create journey-based touchpoints with highly customized marketing campaigns. The collaboration has already proved its worth with Servco witnessing a 36% increase in open-rates along with incremental click-through rates by 68%.




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