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TideSmart and Reveal Announce New Partnership to Provide Face-to-Face CX Analytics Solution

The U.S.-based experience management company TideSmart and Reveal, an Israeli AI-powered customer experience analytics start-up, have announced a partnership aiming to offer a suite of face-to-face customer experience (CX) analytics solutions to U.S. companies.

TideSmart will only act as a reseller of the tool, named F2F.AI, which is mainly going to be run by Reveal. The solution records face-to-face interactions between customers and employees and analyzes them for competitive intelligence, sentiment, compliance, training, bias management, and other operational needs. The interactions may be taking place in call centers and online.

F2F.AI is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool that utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to improve the quality of business performance, such as customer experience. It records each transaction on a device, then uploads it to the cloud along with near concurrent analytics to clients. Clients can spot the correlation between sentiment, sales and service from these reports.

“TideSmart’s grasp on the importance of face-to-face engagement between customers and companies sets them apart in their approach to customer experience analytics. Because Reveal embodies their philosophy in our technology and we share the same vision, our cooperation is highly strategic. TideSmart’s initial projects using F2F.AI are very creative and will produce immediate results for their customers and our partnership.” said Yaniv Shmuel, CEO and Reveal’s founder in a press release.

TideSmart is an award-winning company that aims to help brands and companies connect with their customers, stakeholders, employees and communities.

Reveal uses its technology, AI and face-to-face analytics (F2F), to empower brands and companies on customer service, sales and loyalty.

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