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Enmarket Boosts Its Customer Experience Strategy

Location-level customer feedback to help improve guest satisfaction

Enmarket Convenience Store chain has recently upgraded their customer feedback facilities, adding to their overall customer experience. The company aims to enhance its business strategy and focus more on customer’s demands, which will eventually lead to the growth of their business.

The chain has recently established its reputation in the market and to boost its reputation further, the chain has upgraded its customer feedback facilities. The company has partnered with Service Management Group to gather customer feedback at the location-level across its three-state network of the convenience store. Enmarket operates 128 stores with approximately 1300+ employees throughout Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina 

Focus is On Strategic Areas

The advanced real-time customer feedback facilities with key customer experience metrics and location-level insights will help the chain to focus more on strategic areas. Enmarket President Brett Giesick has emphasized the value of the in-store experience, calling it as “heart of everything” the store does. He further added that the company has modified its brand loyalty strategy and will include SMG’s tools that know how to enhance customer experience and grow business satisfaction.

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