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PhaseZero Recognized For Its Customer Experience Management Solution

PhaseZero, an eCommerce software provider, was named a “top innovator in customer experience management (CXM)” by the magazine Technology Innovators. A recent cover story of the magazine highlighted the company’s PhaseZero CxCommerce solution, which “delivers a Unified Customer Experience across all digital commerce channels.”

“We built our platform with Unified Customer Experience as an enabler for business model innovation,” CEO Ram ChandraSekar said. “Our customers are accelerating their digital sales with consistent experience across all their customer interactions. The Unified Customer Experience is now the driving force for digital transformation for all businesses.”

The strategy and solutions PhaseZero delivered, including PhaseZero CXCommerce, help improve customer experience so that companies can improve their customers’ loyalty, gain customers’ retention, and increase their revenue.

“Delivering a unified and simple customer experience is often difficult when businesses rely on several different software systems for managing commerce, finance, and customers,” ChandraSekar said. 

About PhaseZero

PhaseZero provides transformative strategies for 1000 companies worldwide. It offers end-to-end solutions to help businesses achieve success. It “delivers new subscription-based annual recurring revenues, improving margins on existing revenue channels and enabling ease of doing business for both B2B and B2C customers,” according to its website. It earns trust from world-class enterprises.

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