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Google Raises The Bar For Customer Support Service

Introduces Mission Critical Services For Robust Customer Support 

Google LLC launched a more active customer support service for its public cloud infrastructure platform. The service, called Mission Critical Services is targeted to ensure that the most significant business applications for the customers never fail. 

With some of Google’s cloud customers having extensively demanding working environments, a minute of downtime can result in lost revenue, estimating around millions of dollars. The sectors like finance, retail, eCommerce, and others need never-failing cloud services to save this loss. Plus, these sectors also require the resolution of errors instantly. To assist these customers, Google’s Mission Critical Services offer advanced support, which is even a step ahead of its Premium Support Service.

Regular Architecture Check-up To Mitigate Losses 

The MCS team will also help Google’s customers to better their application environment through biannual tune-ups, reviewing the architecture, and checking at regular intervals to make the operations error-free. This will allow the customer of the industry giant to prevent and mitigate any losses and control impacts immediately. 

The service is perfect for those who need extra robustness and are gearing up for next-generation applications.

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