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Health Data Platform Validic Launches Solution to Simplify Onboarding Experience

Validic, a platform that provides access to digital health data, announced Tuesday the launch of the HealthBridge Express program, designed to provide an easy onboarding experience for members of the company’s remote patient monitoring program.

Leveraging on nearly 500 digital health technologies, Validic is building an ecosystem that enables healthcare organizations to build one-to-many digital connections to manage their data integration, standardization, storage, and delivery.

“No chronic condition management program is one-size-fits-all, and onboarding shouldn’t be either. By incorporating device fulfillment into our solutions and a no-setup, out-of-the-box kit, we help our clients scale digital health across conditions, populations, and programs,” said Brian Carter, Chief Operating Officer of Validic, in a press release. “At Validic, our vision for the future of healthcare is to facilitate continuous relationships between people and their care teams that happen in the background of life. HealthBridge Express extends this effort by allowing onboarding to be as passive and easy as the programs it powers.”

HealthBridge will send a customized kit, which includes a cellular-enabled tablet and pre-connected home-use medical devices, to patients. Patients can activate their account by inputting their pin, provided in the kits. The onboarding process can be completed without a Wi-Fi connection, account setup or Bluetooth pairing.

After customers activate their account, their health data would be uploaded to the HealthBridge and shared with the healthcare provider. And they can thus provide health care to patients simultaneously based on the data.

However, to use the new feature, customers must enroll in the Validic Impact remote monitoring solution and accompanying member experience app. Customers can download the app, HealthBridge, from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It’s available in English and Spanish.

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