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Costco Apple and Amazon Grab Top Positions in Retail Customer Satisfaction Study

Return and Mask Policies Crucial Factors For Better Customer Experience

A new report, issued by Verint, the customer engagement company, places Costco, Apple, and Amazon in the highest ranks for CSAT and NPS (Net Promoter Score) in the list of 25 retailers. The Verint Experience Index: Retail Report is derived from the survey conducted to determine consumer satisfaction of the leading retailers and included cx metrics like CSAT and NPS.

The Brands Have Excelled In Key Issues

Rising customer expectations, embracing digital services, and expanding the fulfillment options are the key areas where brands have excelled to make it to the top ranks. The areas are being considered critical in the customer experience journey, while other factors included cost as a top purchasing factor, mask-policies, and in-store shopping experience.

A significant finding in the survey also noted that easy and free returns were among the critical factors defining customer experience, with 44% of the consumers mentioning that returns were easier than before.

The report also included details on the multi-channel customer journey, data & best practices for enhancing fulfillment and customer support



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