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Origin Announces Expansion In Business Offerings To Meet Customer-Needs

The Company Implements New Strategy For Utility Modernization and Customer Engagement

Origin Holdings, one of the best-in-class providers of service, software, and solutions to the Utility segment, has announced an expansion of business offerings with a new corporate brand strategy, focused on meeting the changing needs of customers and the utility sector.

The latest product innovations from the company include SmartOps Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. The company has also introduced the Origin Customer Experience portal to crucial customers as a part of the latest product portfolio.

Justin Saye, CEO of Origin while commenting on the evolving landscape of market and technology said that the company is 100% focused on providing the best experience to the end-customers of the utility industry and that the new brand strategy is a reflection of this focus and the holistic approach, company is bringing to the market.

Modernized Operations For Utility Industry

With climate change, financial disruptions, and technological advancements changing the landscape of the market, the Utility Industry requires a more coordinated relationship with its customers. Origin, being a leading service provider, is now providing a solid framework to transform the operations of the Utility industry. The company is aiming to build meaningful bonds between the industry’s players and their customers with the help of technology and improve customer experience with supported interaction.

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