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Post-Purchase CX Provider Wonderment Raises $6M for eCommerce Transparency

Wonderment, the provider of post-purchase customer experience solutions, announced earlier this week that it has raised $6M in a seed financing round for its SaaS platforms.

The funding is reportedly going to be used to improve the company’s service of transparency in e-commerce using order tracking technology, aimed primarily at Shopify merchants in order to help loss prevention and improve customer experience related to the shipping of their orders.

“Our mission is to increase the bond between brands and their customers by increasing trust,” said Jessica Meher, co-founder and CEO of Wonderment. “The last two years of shipping and supply chain woes have brought to light the importance the post-purchase experience is to retaining customers. Delivering an above-and-beyond customer experience is no longer a nice-to-have and we’re excited to arm Shopify merchants with technology that makes that possible.”

Wonderment reportedly intends to enable small businesses to provide an “Amazon-like” experience, providing the ability to track packages and notify customers about delays or issues without spending time and effort compiling a system to do so themselves. Their platforms aim to work no matter what carrier or warehouse is in use, giving great adaptability and multi-channel capacity.

“Wonderment has been a game-changer for our business by providing greater post-purchase order visibility,” said Adam Romatowski, Director of Customer Experience at The Ridge Wallet. “The platform has helped us reduce the deluge of support inquiries and improve customer loyalty. Wonderment’s customer service is second to none and the insight they offer is above and beyond from what I’ve seen elsewhere. In addition to the U.S., we’ve rolled out the Wonderment app across our Canada, Australia and U.K. stores with great success.”

Clearly Wonderment has seen successes in its first year of operation, but only time will tell if they will live up to their bold vision.

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