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To Meet Google’s New Criteria, Amplience Announces SEO Optimization Solution

Amplience, a commerce experience platform, is launching its own image and video content management solution for SEO optimization, Dynamic Media, giving its customers the ability to tailor their sites to the new SEO criteria set by Google’s latest algorithm, Core Web Vitals.

With the introduction of the Web Vitals initiative, Google has placed an emphasis on providing favorable user experiences. The quality of these experiences is measured with three criteria: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

“By adding additional layers to its SEO ranking algorithm, Google is putting a stake in the ground for what it considers to be a great digital experience,” said Founder and CEO of Amplience, James Brooke, in a press release. “We can help customers to respond to this with our Dynamic Media solution, which uses microservices-based, API-first, cloud native and headless (MACH) technologies to speed up and automate processes, deliver hundreds of transformations to bring experiences to life, unify image and videos with all other content, and automatically deliver images in the format, dimension and pixel density that is fastest and browser perfect.” 

In response to Google’s new metrics, Amplience has developed several features aimed to help eCommerce retailers optimize their sites for SEO.

One of these features is Smart Images, an HTML tag attribute that automatically produces the smallest and most compatible image format based upon the browser or device a page is accessed on. Another feature is Extensions, web apps that allow Dynamic Media to execute additional, specific functionalities such as image transformation; brands can even develop their own should they not find an extension that suits their particular needs. Dynamic Media also contains an Image Recognition tool, which can locate, sift through, and arrange pictures based on the metadata derived from their contents, such as objects, faces, and text.

“Technology cannot work in isolation to meet Core Web Vitals, but modern solutions working in tandem with dedicated content management and marketing teams have the power to transform SEO, and, most importantly, deliver outstanding experiences for customers,” Brooke said.

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