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$75 million For Personetics to boost Customer Engagement For Financial Institutions

Banks to benefit from real-time monitoring of customer behavior 

Personetics has secured a $75 million investment from Warburg Pincus. The fintech company uses artificial intelligence for assisting financial companies to enhance customer personalization and engagement.

The AI software of the company monitors customer’s financial data and behavior in real-time. This data can be used by financial companies and banks to modify the several pre-programmed insights to create a customer-centric and personalized user-journey.

US Bank, RBC, Santander, Metro Bank are some of the financial institutions monitoring tons of transactions daily by using AI-based software.

Hyper-personalized Approach offers big benefits

As per Personetics, the banks have witnessed excellent benefits from the hyper-personalized approach offered by the technology-based software. The company claims that the banks have seen a 35% boost in customer engagement over digital platforms, and a 20% enhancement in the account-balance growth. Plus, the banks have also witnessed an increase in the reception of personalized product recommendations and advice.

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