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ShopVue Announces New Digital Transformation Steps

ShopVue announced on May 14 the modernization of its ShopVue Control Center, a shop floor management user interface, hoping to improve its customer experience. The new interface will provide access to important information, which could empower the manufacturing management.

The improvements of ShopVue Control Center were intended to accelerate the company’s digital transformation, a priority in the industry. To meet this goal, the ShopVue customer experience has had to evolve to match the needed depth of functionality.

ShopVue is a modular Manufacturing Execution System. The ShopVue Control Center could run on any device. It could offer full visibility to shop floor operations and support specific roles, like HR.

“ShopVue Control Center enables our customers to establish, manage and measure rules, definitions and workflows to ensure operations follow the processes that yield excellence,” Steve Cascio, ShopVue Chief Customer Officer, said in a press release. “ShopVue has been given the much-needed facelift and enjoyable, intuitive UX customers have been asking for.”

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