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Affinitiv Launches New Digital Experience Platform Built on Predictive Intelligence

Affinitiv, a data-driven marketing provider for the automotive market, has launched its new Atlas Digital Experience (DX) Platform, which relies on predictive intelligence to improve customer loyalty for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and dealers.

In line with Affinitiv’s mission of accelerating performance and inspiring loyalty, Atlas DX uses Affinitiv’s database and technology to provide clients with a platform where dealer associates can send personalized messages to auto consumers online, offline and in-person. This not only helps dealers deliver effective marketing messages, but also saves consumers’ time in finding the right vehicle.

“Atlas DX makes it much easier for our clients to reach and interact with consumers to ensure their KPIs are being met across the consumer decision journey,” said Matt Rodeghero, Chief Product Officer of Affinitiv, in a press release. “Affinitiv’s data, predictive analytics, and machine learning enable us to differentiate ourselves and deliver more value to our clients. Our focus has been and continues to promote the initial purchase, repurchase, and drive customers for life.”

The platform allows users to send out marketing messages to consumers through their preferred channel and schedule appointments with customers directly through the same channel. All aspects of the vehicle purchasing process — from booking an appointment to making a payment — can be completed using the platform. Additionally, predictive intelligence enables dealers to identify customers’ individual preferences and offer them suitable vehicles and deals.

Furthermore, Atlas DX platform’s technology can spot potential customers who might want to buy or trade-in vehicles, and send them personalized marketing messages via Newsletter, another Affinitiv solution for the auto market.

As of today, Atlas DX has propelled more than one billion personalized consumer communications for Affinitiv’s clients.

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