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Grammarly Expands Enterprise Solution with New AI Features

Grammarly, an AI-powered writing assistant, has launched new features for its B2B product offering to help enterprises improve written communications skills among employees.

In the fast-paced, contemporary work culture, there is a prevailing struggle between the importance of speed and efficiency of communication. When businesses focus on producing at a breakneck pace, they leave themselves vulnerable to communication errors; slowing production introduces a new set of problems, as companies may fall behind competitors and frustrate customers with long response times.

Grammarly Business seems to acknowledge these conundrums, and seeks to reconcile them by improving the efficiency of communication without sacrificing clarity.

The service’s new features have the potential to bolster productivity across and among the various teams that constitute a business; for example, refined communication can reduce misunderstandings between customers and support teams, and yield higher quality content from marketing teams which would increase brand reputation and loyalty. Grammarly Business expects its new features — snippets, brand tones, and multiple style guides — to bring such improvements to fruition.

In large part, stalls in communication can be attributed to the time it takes to compose a message. Grammarly attempts to address this with “snippets,” preset response templates. Snippets minimize the time spent writing and sending messages, and allow it to be allocated to more productive endeavors. Leaders can construct and organize a collection of commonly-used phrases, sentences or paragraphs, accessible by individual team members to ensure brand-approved communication. Frequently used messages can be mapped to certain keystrokes for further convenience.

Another new feature is “brand tones.” Grammarly’s tone-detecting AI helps users gauge how their writing may be perceived by a reader. Managers can set “tone profiles” that indicate which tones should be used and which should be avoided to facilitate consistent customer communication.

Grammarly has also added the ability to employ multiple style guides, sets of rules for writing that establish a unified understanding of the style and message of your brand’s content. Organizations can create and customize up to 50 unique style guides for different teams with different needs and writing styles. Multiple style guides allow for consistent, on-brand, communication across multiple teams.

With these new features, Grammarly shows a readiness to adapt to a foreseeable future where businesses will become more reliant on technology and digital correspondence. These additions seek to not only improve CX for their own customers, but for their client’s customers as well through streamlined communication.

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