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InMoment’s Acquisition of Lexalytics Signals New Chapter for Data-Driven Experience Improvement

It’s official: InMoment, the Experience Improvement (XI) software provider, has completed the acquisition of Lexalytics, marking the importance of data processing for the customer experience industry.

Lexalytics is a Massachusetts-based company that offers a platform for natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) services to turn structured and unstructured data into insights used to enhance the customer experience for brands.

With InMoment being at the epicenter of experience improvement (XI), its integration of Lexalytics has captured the attention of many industry leaders. Lexalytics promotes increased attentiveness to customer data in order to enhance customer experience. Even more, its ability to connect with a multitude of partners and data sources has been anticipated to further InMoment’s mission of experience improvement.

“Lexalytics is all about helping customers discover more meaningful intelligence in structured and unstructured data sources,” Lexalytics’ CEO Jeff Catlin commented in a press release. “By joining InMoment [Lexalytics has] the remarkable opportunity to push additional innovative solutions.”

Catlin also said that the incorporation of Lexalytics into InMoment will afford customers a differentiated customer experience that is more in tune with customer expectations. 

InMoment’s CEO Andrew Joiner said that the acquisition will result in “companies [receiving] the unique capability to mine feedback with unprecedented clarity and go beyond surveys to meet their customers and employees where they are.”

Lexalytics’ technology is able to analyze data from voice reviews, tickets, call centers, chat logs, and other sources. With Lexalytics’ past success in assisting brands such as Altair, Kaplan, and Biogen, InMoment has anticipated that this acquisition will yield perspectives on customer data that will improve customer experience. 

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