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What’s the Deal with Sustainability and Digital Carbon Footprints in Digital Transformation?

Raconteur, a London-based business analysis organization, recently released its Digital Transformation Report, which contains an emphasis on sustainability and the digital carbon footprint. The report warns that whilst digital transformation improves business it also leads to increases in climate change thanks to the use of modern technology.

Figures reported show that over 26 billion metric tons of carbon emissions could be prevented between 2016 and 2025 by the use of decarbonization strategies and the use of digital transformation in a sustainable way, with over 15 billion metric tons coming from the industry of electricity alone.

When compared to the figure of 500 million metric tons that could be prevented within the automotive industry, it is clear that a shift towards greener forms of energy is needed in order to prevent catastrophic climate damage. The combined 26 billion metric tons represents 8.5% of global emissions by 2025.

The report also emphasises the need for sustainability in supply chains, noting the evolution of the food and beverage industry since the beginning of the pandemic towards more digitally-focused means, with many industry leaders reporting a need for greater sustainability and a shift towards more customer-centric strategies in the post-COVID world. Emphasis was also placed on the movement from abundance to scarcity thanks to supply chain issues in many parts of the world, it being commented that the wasteful practices of the past will not be acceptable in the future as sustainability targets mean less resources are available.

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