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Berkshire Grey Develops AI Put Wall To Meet e-Commerce Demands

Berkshire Grey, an automation solutions provider for supply chain processes, has developed an AI-powered put wall as a response to rising e-commerce demands and labor scarcity. The put wall is robotically automated, and is anticipated to boost customer experience (CX) by executing orders at a greater speed and without relying on human labor.

“Businesses will continue to see eCommerce orders rise as global eCommerce sales expect to approach $5 trillion by the end of 2021,” Kevin Prouty, an analyst at IDC, said in a press release published by the company. “This growth in volume combined with labor scarcity is putting tremendous pressure on supply chain operations to increase fulfillment throughput and support a broad selection of products.”

Berkshire Grey claims that the solution — named Robotic Shuttle Put Wall (RSPW) — can help businesses increase their e-commerce order fulfillment processes by up to 300%. The solution can also enable simultaneous processing for up to 240 different orders,  in stark contrast to the industry average of 80 orders at a time with a manual put wall.

“e-Commerce continues to grow and surge. Our automation enables retailers to increase capacity to meet the growing demand and helps to deliver efficient revenue growth,” said Berkshire Grey’s CEO Tom Wagner. “This new platform increases order processing speeds, optimizes the fulfillment workforce, and most importantly gets more orders out the door more quickly.”

The robotic put wall is expected to not only resolve current problems in e-commerce, but to continue resolving future challenges that will arise as e-commerce continues to grow. 

The robotic put wall’s potential applications in remote grocery shopping, ordering packages, online retail, and other forms of e-commerce are expected to provide a technological edge to the customer experience.

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