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Ericsson’s Mobility Report Explores the Future of Digital Transformation for Cellular Technology

By 2026, there will be nearly 27 billion connected devices around the world. This is the prediction of a new report published by Ericsson, which discusses how to take advantage of innovations in IoT and connectivity to propel a successful digital transformation

In addition to highlighting success stories from a few major companies, the report examines applications and potentials of connectivity operations. Going through three fundamentals and what it calls “the 6 golden rules for digital transformation success”, it includes expert advice and breakdowns of important points for brands to consider in their journeys.

The report opens with the first operational fundamental, explaining how vital it is to tailor Internet of Things solutions to work for the business needs, taking advantage of innovations that can be helpful. Letting the company’s values guide its vision and adopting a long-term social impact mindset with holistic end-to-end thinking in every part of the process, the report says, is important. Human-centricity should always be at the core of the CX strategy.

It’s also important to know the company’s customers and its target audience, incorporating CX and UX that will match their needs. This strategy should include properly capturing and using data opportunities and insights, testing proof-of-concept, and experimenting with creative solutions that bring value, in addition to being able to adapt in early stages, fail, optimize, and scale appropriately before moving on to the following test.

The report also explains that the basis of transformation is change and moving forward, which requires agility. Therefore, new ways of working should be accepted and embraced. Connections such as teamwork, open ecosystems, and partnerships are essential for innovation and growth at all levels, both individual and industry. Security should also be duly incorporated, with a coordinated and proactive approach, especially when it comes to wireless and cellular technology.

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