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Crosschq Taps Katherine Johnson as Head of Marketing

Human intelligence-based hiring platform Crosschq announced Wednesday the hire of Katherine Johnson as the company’s new Head of Marketing to support its expansion.

Johnson will be in charge of the company’s marketing strategy and will lead the marketing team, focusing on achieving sales growth, market penetration, and cost-effective customer acquisition.

“Crosschq is at the forefront of a pivotal movement utilizing data-driven talent intelligence to measure and optimize quality of hire,” said Johnson in a press release. “I’m excited to join this seasoned, mission-driven team as we redefine hiring success.”

Crosschq’s AI-driven cloud-based SaaS “Talent Intelligence Cloud” platform aims to provide its clients with an easy, transparent, and accurate hiring experience. Founded in 2018, the company has been expanding and seeking talent to help the company grow. Thanks to a Series A financing closed in March 2021, the company has doubled its total headcount and now plans to triple its marketing team over the next months.

​​”Katherine is a pro with an impressive track record and direct, relevant experience in our space,” said Michael Fitzsimmons,CEO and Co-Founder at  Crosschq. “We’re lucky to have her and are confident she will do great things, build an incredible team and be a high-quality hire for our company.”

Prior to joining Crosschq, Johnson had years of experience in marketing. She had worked as the leader of the marketing team at Glassdoor, Zendesk and Checkster. During her tenure at Checkster, she helped the company drive a 371% increase in top-of-funnel leads via new channels. Johnson earned her MBA at the University of California at Berkeley.

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