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Innovative Streaming App droppTV Brings e-Commerce to Music Videos

Fashion and music are two industries that have long gone hand in hand. In a music video or a live performance, a well thought-out outfit can add another level of significance to the mood, tone, or emotion the artist wants to convey with their song. Nowadays, as some of the most influential musicians, such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna, have become style icons — promoting fashion brands, or even starting their own — their influence over the latest fashion trends has only increased, and this influence often begins with their fans. This is where shoppable video streaming platform droppTV comes in.

Launched in July of last year, droppTV allows viewers to snag clothing seen in their favorite artists’ music videos with a simple click, avoiding the inconvenience, frustration, and disappointment that comes with searching for those items on Google.

Using a combination of AI, machine learning, and computer vision algorithms, droppTV can identify clothing featured in a video in real-time, allowing users to pause a video at any time to find the product of their interest and purchase it.

Besides helping fans identify and procure clothing worn by their favorite artists, droppTV works with musicians and clothing brands to offer limited-edition products exclusive to their platform. droppTV has worked with both established and rising singers such as Ashanti and A$AP TyY, and brands such as COOGI, LG, and Zanerobe.

In February of this year, droppTV worked with Vero Moda to sell t-shirts signed by singer and songwriter Haley Smalls for a Mother’s Day fundraising campaign named #LoveofMothers. The earnings were donated to SOS Children’s Village in Zanzibar, an organization that puts orphaned children into the care of female leaders in their community to give them the opportunity to lead a better life.

droppTV aims to connect both fans to their favorite artists and musicians to their viewers through the “hype” surrounding the exclusivity of their limited clothing pieces.

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