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Medallia Acquires Customer Journey Orchestration Provider Thunderhead

Medallia recently announced its acquisition of Thunderhead, a company specializing in real-time interaction management and customer journey orchestration. The acquisition aims to combine the two’s strengths to boost customer retention and brand loyalty, and is set to close in the first quarter of this fiscal year.

Medallia aims to use Thunderhead’s technology to “power individualized [customer] journeys and conversations at scale, across all online and offline channels.” When combined with Medallia’s Experience Cloud, a closed-loop customer engagement platform, they seek to make the most of every piece of data that comes their way, shaping customer experience in a personalized way on a massive scale that neither organization has achieved before alone.

“We continue to blaze the innovation trail for the customer experience world. This latest acquisition is targeted at the needs of the most pioneering enterprise companies who are looking for new ways to make customers feel known, no matter where they are interacting,” said Medallia CEO Leslie Stretch. 

“The combination of Medallia Experience Cloud and Thunderhead’s open technology for real-time interaction delivers feedback-driven personalization on a massive scale. Thunderhead’s journey orchestration capability ensures every enterprise can make the most of feedback data to shape their product and service offerings, customer journeys, and experiences.”

Medallia’s focus on SaaS platforms to document customer experience management can certainly benefit from the use of Thunderhead’s customer engagement platform, but only time will tell how successfully the two can work together and when, if ever, a combination of the two platforms would ever be available for customer use.

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