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MoEngage and Merkle Sokrati To Provide Data-Driven Customer Engagement Solutions

The Duo Open New Capabilities To Accelerate Customer-Engagement With Combined-Value Package

MoEngage and Merkle Sokrati have entered into an APAC-wide strategic partnership, which brings together MoEngage’s customer engagement platform and Merkle’s top-notch enterprise delivery services.

MoEngage is known for its insight-led customer engagement platform, while Merkle Sokrati is India’s best-in-class marketing agency that relies on data-driven performance. The partnership opens new capabilities for optimizing customer-engagement at low costs along with reduced time to market.

Sanjay Kupae, Head- Global Alliances at MoEngage commented that both the companies gave truly customer-obsessed teams and that the partnership is a significant step towards bringing agility into marketing strategies of consumer brands and enterprises using technology.

From Personalization to Hyper-Personalization

With a large mobile-first consumer segment, personalized experience has gained a crucial place. This has pushed consumer-based organizations to take a complete view of their consumer’s behavior, requirements, and preferences. Delivering the right message at the right time via the right channel has also become significant in gaining customer loyalty. However, marketing teams still struggle at one of the touchpoints due to a lack of features in tools or the inability to process data from multiple channels. The collaboration, however now offers a combined-value package allowing enterprises to move beyond personalization and go for the hyper-customized experience.

Lifestyle, one of the leading fashion-retail brands has already started leveraging the benefit of this strategic partnership by implementing a 30% dynamic-engagement strategy for customer retention.

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