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New Hires in the CX Space: October 18, 2021

What is happening in the customer experience world this week? At CXBuzz, we closely follow the industry, monitoring recent hires and promotions.

Emarsys Promotes Joanna Milliken to CEO

Emarsys has appointed Joanna Milliken as the company’s new CEO starting at the beginning of October. Joanna was formerly head of customer experience marketing, and will use her expertise to use customer data and engage with customers across various channels to attain Emarsys’ business ambitions.

Milliken has experience in sales, service, and production, with these experiences lending to her knowledge of customer success. Millikens’ two decade long career reflects a dedication to developing technology companies, and nurturing the success of marketing projects.

Emarsys is an omnichannel customer engagement platform.

Arcules Hires Edward Hobart as VP of Customer Experience

Arcules, a security provider, has announced that Edward Hobart will become the company’s Vice President of Customer Experience. Hobart will lead projects to optimize customer experience, and to improve the company’s reputation as a leading cloud security provider. 

Hobart’s primary tasks include providing inputs to improve Arcules’ customer experience to make it increasingly strategic and dynamic. This is to the end of fulfilling one of Arcules’ principles, which is of providing optimal service to both collaborators and consumers. In terms of collaboration, Hobart will work with Arcules’ sales, marketing, and product development departments to calibrate a unified vision of satisfactory customer experience.

Journey Hires David Rolling as VP of Customer Success

Journey, an identity and security platform, has appointed David Rolling as the company’s Vice President of Customer Success. Rolling is a seasoned customer experience professional, with a history of constructing and spearheading multiple service organizations. 

In his new capacity as the Vice President of Customer Success, Rolling is anticipated to lead a group that attracts new customers to the identity and security platform. Rolling will be in charge of ensuring the consumers’ satisfaction with Journey’s security services. Rolling will also be responsible for helping customers meet their needs in terms of risk management and financial goals.

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