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Pure Technology Group Launches $600,000 Digital Transformation Project

The UK-based IT specialist Pure Technology Group (PTG) has announced they are embarking on a £500,000 ($666,000) digital transformation project to update its internal infrastructure, using comprehensive Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning platforms.

PTG, founded 14 years ago in Leeds, England, was acquired by the Fulcrum Technology Group earlier this year. The terms of the acquisition stated that they were to keep their existing management team.

The digital transformation project is set to be implemented over the next six months, with a NetSuite platform being used as the base from which all other improvements to their internal processes will be made. PTG has contracted Nolan Business Solutions, CRM and ERP specialists in order to build the aforementioned Netsuite platform, with the aim of increasing annual revenue to £100 million by 2024.

Simeon Banks, Head of Innovation at PTG, commented that “This is a huge automation project for pure technology group, which will boost our productivity as a team and, crucially, enhance our service quality in a crowded market. Customers will be able to order better, thanks to access to our top 10 suppliers’ products. And the use of tech to streamline our processes, frees up our brilliant colleagues to have more meaningful conversations that add greater value to the customer experience.”

This comes on the heels of PTG investing in a £1.2 million new hybrid workspace in Leeds, creating a combined HQ which bought the two branches of the company – Leeds and Wakefield – together. The digital transformation project ultimately aims to do what the construction of the new HW did physically, in the digital world.

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