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Exostar Introduces New Digital Transformation Platform to Secure Data and Cooperation

This week, Exostar announced the launch of its new digital transformation platform, The Exostar Platform, to assist businesses in well-regulated industries to safely cooperate with their partners and customers around the world.

Exostar is a leading provider of secure business cooperation operating in the defense, life science and healthcare industries.

The company’s new initiative is a direct result of changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid the global health crisis, companies have been switching to a highly technical business model, making digital transformation a top priority. The Exostar Platform makes it possible for enterprises to share data and information safely online.

“We designed The Exostar Platform to support the intra- and inter-enterprise collaboration necessary to fully realize digital transformation,” said Sudeep Dharan, Exostar’s Chief Technology Officer, in a press release. “It delivers clear visibility across multiple applications and all associated data, allowing for greater operational agility, actionable business intelligence, and simplified multi-enterprise engagement and collaboration. The Exostar Platform helps organizations achieve their critical transformation milestones without sacrificing speed, compliance, or security.”

To ensure fast and safe interaction between businesses and their partners and customers, the new platform will provide modules under four main categories with different emphases — Onboarding, Secure Access, Business Intelligence and Applications.

The Onboarding module helps businesses spot potential partners and enables them to share data and forms. The Secure Access module focuses more on identification, credential issuance and authentication. While Business Intelligence provides customers with checked information, the Applications module utilizes third-party products to support customers’ essential business processes.

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